How to Setup Levitation Lamps

  • Please ensure that you connect the dock.

  • Please hold the floating part between your thumbs and middle fingers. Please hold only the bottom part of the light/floating accessories, not the middle.

  • Place it vertically from the top into the center of the dock. Initially, you need to perform the task quickly. If you fail, start again by leaving it in the upright position. Do not search for the contact point slowly as it is not the correct way to levitate.

  • When attempting to levitate the parts, signal the distance between it and the dock using your pinkie. When your pinkie touches the dock, it indicates the optimal distance to leave the parts. If unsuccessful, leave it up and try again.

  • Do not search for the connection point for more than 1 second as it becomes increasingly difficult if the floating part is not left up. Leave the light up is and try again.