The Artistry of Meloria's Unique Rounded Spherical Candles

The Artistry of Meloria's Unique Rounded Spherical Candles

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Candles have long held the power to transform the ambiance of a space, casting a gentle, flickering glow that soothes and captivates. In the realm of candle craftsmanship, Meloria stands out for its innovation and dedication to creating truly exceptional pieces. At the heart of Meloria's candle series is a meticulous process that births the exquisite rounded spherical candles, each bearing its own story and charm.

  • A Spherical Symphony of Craftsmanship

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What sets Meloria's candles apart is their signature rounded spherical shape. Crafted with precision and care, these candles are born from two hemispheres of natural paraffin wax that are gracefully joined together using a specialized machine. The result? A complete and perfectly round sphere that serves as the canvas for the magic that follows.

  • Colors that Ignite the Imagination

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Color is a language of its own, and Meloria's candles speak volumes. Once the spherical form is achieved, the candles take a dip into a special wax bath. Submerging them repeatedly, layer by layer, yields a surface that boasts intense and even colors. This captivating process transforms the sphere into a canvas for the play of light and hue, setting the stage for the tranquil moments that lie ahead. Especially the Christmas colors candles series!

  • Transcendent Translucence

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Adding a layer of sophistication, the candles are dipped in a natural cellulose-based varnish after the coloring stage. What truly sets Meloria apart is their commitment to authenticity and patience. Unlike conventional methods that rush the drying process using ovens, Meloria embraces a six-day natural drying period. This approach ensures that the candles dry at their own pace, allowing the varnish to set and create a translucent lacquer effect that is simply enchanting.

  • Unveiling the Magic of Combustion

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As the flame dances and the wax inside melts, the spherical shell remains steadfast, slowly transforming into a lantern-like shape. This transformation adds an extra layer of elegance to the experience, ensuring that even as the candle burns, its beauty remains intact. The tears that form naturally flow gracefully towards the candle's center, never marring its charm. Meloria's candles aren't just visually stunning; they are also designed to captivate with their combustion. Featuring a unique melting point design, these candles offer an interesting play of melting patterns, casting an alluring display as they illuminate your space. 100 long hours light-up is a remarkable production!

  • The Ingredients of Elegance

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Meloria's commitment to quality shines through in their choice of materials. The candles are crafted from natural paraffin wax, selected for its purity and unscented nature. There are no added colors or flavors – just the essence of the wax itself. The wick, a vital element in any candle, is no exception to Meloria's dedication. Sourced from Egypt, a special cotton variety is chosen for its smoke-free and dust-free burn, ensuring a pristine ambiance.


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