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  • Luxury Handmade Candles

    Immerse yourself in the soft glow of our meticulously Meloria crafted handmade candles. Each candle is a testament to the artistry of our skilled artisans, combining premium materials with captivating scents. From serene lavender fields to invigorating citrus bursts, our candles evoke emotions and set the ambiance for moments of pure relaxation.

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  • This is a levitation table lamp as design idea from the beautiful galaxy. It floating and rotating while you turn on it.

    The Galaxy Levitating

    Elevate your decor game with our gravity-defying levitating table lamps. Witness the awe-inspiring sight of light seemingly suspended in mid-air. Crafted with precision and innovative design, these lamps not only illuminate your space but also become mesmerizing conversation pieces.

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  • The Levitating UFO Speakers

    We believe that every corner of your home deserves a touch of enchantment and elegance. Our exquisite levitating ufo speakers collection brings you a seamless blend of innovation and craftsmanship, curated to transform your living spaces into realms of wonder.

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Handmade Candles

When the candle burns, only the wax inside is melted, the spherical shell is left substantially intact and will eventually burn in the shape of a lantern. Candle tears flow towards the inside of the candle and will not affect the beauty of the candle. Natural paraffin wax is selected and is unscented with no added colors or flavors. We choose special cotton grown in Egypt for the wick because it burns without producing smoke or dust.

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MEISUHOME is dedicated to providing high standards of quality, aesthetics and exceptional items in our collection. Elevate your home with each select piece from our store. With a little change, decorate a world where your imagination can thrive with endless possibilities, and feel happiness every day.